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Understand the musicality and fundamentals of bachata (The Original Live Bachata Breakdown Session in the Dominican Republic). Bachata Breakdown en Vivo now available via online streaming. 

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Bachata Breakdown En Vivo demonstrates the basic rhythms of Derecho, Majao, and Mambo with step by step instruction of bongó, güira, bass, rhythm guitar, and requinto patterns. Bachata Breakdown En Vivo DVD is available now. … Musically, bachata can be divided in three core rhythms: Derecho, Majao, and Mambo.

First, I want to tell you exactly who I’m writing this note for: attention bachata dancers of all skill levels, dance instructors, musicians, and music lovers!

I have found something that we all can use. I know that for fact because I am a bachata enthusiast just like you.

Bachata Breakdown Musicality Class By Carlos Cinta and Joan Soriano. The master musicians that record with Aventura, Romeo Santos, and Monchy y Alexandra present a breakdown of the essentials of bachata, instrument by instrument.

Chances are, if you are a “beginner” today,the idea of dancing bachata to a different timing is completely new to you. And I’m not surprised. Not surprised at all.

But, you know what? Carlos Cinta and Joan Soriano are here to help you demystify bachata music.


Introducing "Bachata Breakdown" For Musicians & Dancers

Get The BACHATA BREAKDOWN Timing CD and EN VIVO Class with Carlos Cinta to help you dance bachata better because you’ll understand the musicality and fundamentals of bachata.  The results may surprise you… 

Bachata Timing CD
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Why do You need a Bachata Timing & Musicality Course?

There are many reasons to buy this bachata music timing CD/course. Here are just a few examples:

  • You want to learn to dance modern or dominican style bachata with more confidence and musicality.
  • You want something to get you to ‘feel’ the music regardless of whether its Joan Soriano type bachata, Aventura, etc.
  • You want to get a break down of bachata music timing so you can understand the music.
  • You want to understand the timing with the music to help you with your footwork and styling during the dance.
  • You want to practise at home to the timing music tracks to make sure you are dancing on-time to the music.
  • You want to teach your dance students about the different instruments and rhythms in bachata music.
  • You want to hear beautiful sensual bachata music. Simply great music. The kind that will make you stop and make a bachata shower face!

That’s right. Pretty much everything you need to know to make you a better bachata dancer is right there in the music. FEEL THE MUSIC.

This course includes sections in English and Spanish. Subtitles included for clarity.

Bachata Breakdown En Vivo demonstrates the basic rhythms of DerechoMajao, and Mambo with step by step instruction of the bongo, guira, bass, rhythm guitar, and lead guitar (requinto) patterns. Produced by Carlos Cinta and Benjamin de Menil with music by Joan Soriano “El Duque de la Bachata”.

Joan Soriano “El Duque De La Bachata” is a phenomenal guitarist and singer of bachata songs.

Soriano lives in Villa Mella, an impoverished town in the Dominican Republic, where he develops his music and basks in his heritage. Soriano specializes in the unique genre of “Dominican bachata,” which reflects an important part of Dominican culture.


Bachata songs often tell tales of romance, sadness, and heartbreak, aiming to evoke strong emotions in their listeners using all central musical components – lyrics, melody and rhythm. Even those who don’t know Spanish can connect to Soriano’s special brand of World Music.

Soriano is also a practitioner of Afro-Dominican traditional “‘palo” and “gaga” styles which he incorporates into bachata, creating a musical blend influenced not only by Latin cultures, but also from Africa, Europe, Latin America and Caribbean cultures.

Pretty much everything you need to know to make you a better bachata dancer is right there in the music. FEEL THE MUSIC.

Now, it's your turn...


Bachata Breakdown En Vivo

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What kind of payments do you accept?

You can purchase Bachata Thrillogy with any type of credit or pay via Paypal, your choice!

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

What language is used to give instruction in the course?

This course includes sections in English and Spanish. Subtitles included for clarity.

Is this the same as the Bachata with Carlos Course?

No. This is an intro course to bachata musicality that trains your ear so you can dance with feeling. Our Bachata with Carlos course is a series of progressive lessons that go beyond musicality and teaches you how to use this new skill in your dancing and footwork.

Why is there a physical and digital version?

We like to give students the choice of media. Some people like the instant gratification of immediate access online. While other students prefer to have a CD or DVD that they can listen to at home.  The choice is yours.