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From The Desk Of:   Chris Thomas

Dear Friend,

What I have to share with you is so VITALLY IMPORTANT to success in your bachata dancing! It doesn't matter whether you are a salsa dancer, beginner with no dance background, or a traditional style bachata dancer. You are absolutely wasting "a golden opportunity" if you are not using the SECRET that I want to reveal to you!

So many people struggle to enjoy bachata dancing because of a few reasons:

A- They can't get enough dance partners
B- They can't keep their dance partners from getting bored
C- They can't get the music, their mind and their body to connect
D- They are afraid of rejection while looking to ask a lady to dance

I have an incredible, and absolutely powerful SOLUTION to all of these problems. I really want to share this secret with you. I'll tell you more about the solution in a second, but first let me tell you how I got started, and struggled like many of you:

But before I tell you exactly what it is, I want to share with you a quick story.

As a good Salsa dancer I spend many nights going to dance clubs where they play mostly Salsa music. So I have focused on the same turn patterns and spins that you can find on many Salsa DVDs.

In fact, there are many Salsa instructors out there, and most of them cover the same stuff. For Bachata this is not so. There are not that many bachata dance instructors to choose from today.

Despite the predominance of Salsa, beautiful bachata music has been getting more playing time in clubs.

But before I met Carlos, even though I had the bachata basic down, my biggest concern was:

 "How Can I Get Beyond The Basics, Be Creative
In My Lead And Make The Dance Sensual & Fun
The Way It's Supposed To Be Danced?!"

The answer to my question came in the form of a truely inspiring bachata dancer.

He's called El Unico Bachatero (the unique bachata dancer)...Carlos Cinta 

I Learned From "El Unico Bachatero"
The Unique Bachata Dancer - Mr. Carlos Cinta!

Carlos Cinta

One night while at a special event to promote an After School Dance Program for Kids in San Diego, I met Carlos Cinta. He danced Bachata with such flair and romantic intimacy that everybody stopped and watched. So that night I proposed a trade: Carlos would teach me some of his amazing bachata dance combos and I would help promote his new bachata style on the Internet and beyond.

We made this video clip for YouTube as our first collaboration in just three takes! No rehearsal. Carlos lead. Anna followed. I turned on the music (what a great song!) and filmed the whole thing on the spot. The result was one of the most popular bachata videos on the Web. This video gets over 10,000 views a day, because people are trying to copy Carlos' smooth new bachata moves.

Carlos and Anna's insanely popular bachata video!

After Discovering This HUGE Breakthrough,
I Decided To Do Something About It!!!

Implementing the combos and secrets Carlos had shared with me has made a world of difference in my social dancing. I am no longer working harder than I need to make my dance partner happy. Now I can create a romantic, sensual dance with less effort. I’m a fan of LESS WORK, MORE POSTIVE FEEDBACK! On top of that I create better relationships with those that I do dance with; the ladies now stick around longer with me as dance partners. The best thing is they seek me out in the club which help my confidence skyrocket!

So after I was able to discover this breakthrough, I decided…

Why Not Make These Secrets Available To Everyone!!!

We took action. So to feed the need for his unique bachata style, we created the Bachata Thrillogy Dance DVD series.

In this set of 8 DVDs, Carlos takes a dancer with no experience required from beginner basic steps to intermediate/advance level club combos. You'll learn techniques so that you can actually lead and follow modern and traditional dominican bachata steps in any club around the world!


The Bachata Thrillogy by Carlos Cinta

Inside this remarkable bachata dance instructional DVD series, you'll discover and learn PROVEN methods that work (I know because I've tried and tested them, remember):

Which of these powerful secrets could you use to make your bachata dancing more enjoyable?

  • A detailed explanation of Bachata fundamentals and how to dance with more musicality
  • A "How To" shortcut for Leaders, including hand placement, hand shapes and body positioning so you can start leading bachata like a pro right away!
  • A detailed "step-by-step" explanation of basic, intermediate and advance bachata combos (no need for guesswork...we'll SHOW you each move in detail!)
  • CRUSH your competition, by leaving dance partners with a fun experience
  • Common mistakes to avoid. When leading your partner, they'll follow you without turning the wrong way at wrong time!
  • Create a greater level of dance partner satisfaction by dancing with more variety
  • Learn 25 juicy Bachata COMBOS, making you a bachata superstar
  • The secret to dancing very close to your dance partner without her feeling 'dirty' (you'll never have to 'guess' again!)
  • Learn the World’s Smoothest Bachatero’s dance tricks
  • How to signal for your partner to do her shine (imagine not having to do all the "work!")
  • Advanced training on how combine the basic steps into new combos (this is where the previous lessons really pay off: when you start to get creative!)
  • …And a whole lot more!

These are the Bachata DVDs and bonus CDs that are included in the Bachata Thrillogy Series.

Bachata Thrillogy Vol.1

Vol.1: Bachata Fundamentals

Guys with this DVD, you’ll learn and master all the modern bachata footwork, basic patterns, connection techniques and styling to be able to make a great impression to any bachatera ‘in the house’. You’ll never again worry, ‘Will she ask me to dance again?’ because you’ll see it in her eyes when she’s finished dancing with you the first time. You’ve ‘got it’ and she’ll know it.
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Bachata Thrillogy Vol.2

Vol.2: Intermediate Bachata
Club Combos

Let’s say you studied Bachata Thrillogy Vol.1, and it works like crazy. What do you do? After watching this eye-opening DVD, you’ll learn the secrets for adding Carlos’ fundamental dance moves into sexy combos that will cause yet another burst of confidence, so you can make the most of any possible opportunity to dance bachata.
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Bachata Thrillogy Vol.3

Vol.3: Intermediate Bachata
Club Combos 2

Let’s say you studied Bachata Thrillogy Vol.1, and it works like crazy. What do you do? After watching this eye-opening DVD, you’ll learn the secrets for adding Carlos’ fundamental dance moves into sexy combos that will cause yet another burst of confidence, so you can make the most of any possible opportunity to dance bachata.
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Bachata All-Stars

Bachata All-Stars

Get access to our best crowd-pleasing advanced bachata combos. We have created this DVD for advanced dancers like you. You probably wish you were around people who could show you something new. This dvd contains: advanced patterns for the guy and lady. PLUS Sensual dance combos and amazing syncopated footwork for advanced bachata dancers.
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Bachata Thrillogy Vol.1

Vol.4: Caribbean Bachata Fundamentals I

Just when you thought you knew everything about bachata, you discover the power of syncopation. Recommended for guys and ladies. After watching this DVD, you’ll discover that you can play with the timing of your dance steps, improve your musicality and hear bachata music like never before! In this DVD, you’ll learn how to improvise to the music, so you are not looking like you’re a bachata robot.
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Bachata Thrillogy Vol.1

Vol.5: Caribbean Bachata Footwork I

Now that you understand how to play with the timing of your bachata steps get ready for more challenging footwork patterns. This dvd contains: syncopated footwork patterns for the guy and lady. Nine cool new bachata footwork patterns, broken down step-by-step so that you can be that guy or lady that people will watch when they want to see someone dance bachata like they really have fun with the music.
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Bachata Thrillogy Vol.6

Vol.6: Caribbean Bachata Footwork II

Carlos Cinta "El Unico Bachatero" mixes humor and his keen eye for detail to teach you ten additional bachata footwork patterns, including 3 unique patterns that Carlos created by "accident". These steps are unisex and can be danced by both the man and the woman. Ladies, watch Rosemary Paulino in this video for ladies styling while Carlos uses these steps social dancing with her to the music of Joan Soriano.
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Bachata Thrillogy Vol.7

Vol.7: Bachata Fundamentals

Carlos Cinta "El Unico Bachatero" takes his time her to explain 14 lessons that cover more traditional Caribbean style partnering patterns, and how to dance On 1, On 2, On 3, and On 4! Ladies, pay close attention to a special lesson devoted to the Do's and Don'ts of ladies styling" taught by Rosemary Paulino. All steps are danced to the soulful the music of Joan Soriano "El Duque de La Bachata".
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And Then There's More...

Tell you what. If you purchase [insert product name here] now, I'll throw in some USEFUL bonuses (that I have personally created, NOT some junk PLR resources) that complement [insert product name here] so that you can solve [insert problem here] even faster.


Bachata Bonus CD #1

bachata bonus cd

This enhanced CD contains:

- Favorite bachata dance performances (video)

- Bachata Music Arsenal: 300 songs (pdf)

- Exclusive Bachata Music Remixx (mp3 file)
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Bachata Bonus CD #2

bachata bonus cd

This enhanced CD contains:

- 22 minutes of bachata dance performances (video)

- “The Best of Bachata Music” ebook (pdf)

- 10 music tracks (mp3 files)
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Imagine having all the Bachata Thrillogy secrets, music and combos at your fingertips how that will transform your bachata dancing, and keep your dance partner(s) or significant other loving the dances spent with you time and time again.

But just in case you still have questions, here are answers to some of the common questions...

Answers To Your Questions

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-- What do get in the DVD/CD bundle and will the DVDs play in my country? Show | Hide


  • Our DVDs were created for USA/JAPAN/CANADA TV format but are compatible with playback on computers and DVD players all over the world. All regions. No restrictions.
  • LANGUAGE: Carlos teaches bachata on these DVD in English only.
  • Multiple camera angles of each step makes it easy to follow the instructions.
  • This DVDs cover dance steps for men (leaders) and ladies (followers).
  • Ladies styling tips are included on the intermediate and advanced bachata DVDs.
  • Each DVD comes shrink-wrapped in its own DVD with high print quality glossy cover art.
  • Each DVD has a high print quality glossy image printed on the disk.


  • The enhanced-CD is actually a CD-ROM that contains multi-media files (video, music MP3's, pdf). To access these files, place the CD into your computer and choose to view files. Most modern MP3-compatible CD/DVD players will be able to play the music files directly from the disk.
  • Each CD comes shrink-wrapped in its own CD jewel case with high print quality glossy cover art.
  • Each CD has a high print quality glossy image printed on the disk.
  • Each bonus CD includes bachata music for you to practice your new dance steps.

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We ship worldwide! No APO, FPO addresses. Delivery time: it depends on your location, 3-5 business days (USA) or 5-12 business days (International).

We ship to these countries. If your country is not here please contact us for help.

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All lessons are taught in standard American English.

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