Learn The Basics Of Bachata Timing.

Bachata breakdown is a 21 MP3 audio course designed to fine tune your ear to the different instruments and rhythms found in great bachata songs. Created by world-renowned bachata dance instructor, Carlos Cinta, you're about to discover what only advance dancers and musicians know.

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Bachata Timing CD - download the bachata breakdown taught by Carlos Cinta

Bachata Timing. First, I want to tell you exactly who I'm writing this note for: attention bachata dancers of all skill levels, dance instructors, musicians, and music lovers!

I have found something that we all can use. I know that for fact because I am a bachata enthusiast just like you.

"I bought this CD at the Houston Bachata Weekender and its taken my bachata dancing to another level. Its helping to train my ears on the subtle intricacies of the music. Its similar to salsa in that once you understand the ingredients of the music it becomes A LOT more fun to dance to because you actively hear the timing of each instrument. Its now much easier to freestyle and have fun with bachata instead of dancing to the same beat counts every time. Carlos is a really cool guy and its great that he put this together." - John (pittysteel)

Why do You need a Bachata Timing Course?

There are many reasons to buy this bachata music timing CD/course. Here are just a few examples:

  • You want to learn to dance modern or dominican style bachata with more confidence and musicality.
  • You want something to get you to ‘feel’ the music regardless of whether its Joan Soriano type bachata, Aventura, etc.
  • You want to get a break down of bachata music timing so you can understand the music.
  • You want to understand the timing with the music to help you with your footwork and styling during the dance.
  • You want to practise at home to the timing music tracks to make sure you are dancing on-time to the music.
  • You want to teach your dance students about the different instruments and rhythms in bachata music.
  • You want to hear beautiful sensual bachata music. Simply great music. The kind that will make you stop and make a bachata shower face!

Chances are, if you are a “beginner” today,the idea of dancing bachata to a different timing is completely new to you. And I’m not surprised. Not surprised at all.

But, you know what? Carlos Cinta and Joan Soriano are here to help you demystify bachata music.

That’s right. Pretty much everything you need to know to make you a better bachata dancer is right there in the music. FEEL THE MUSIC.

Watch the Video, You'll Discover:

  • The 4 KEY Components To Any Great Bachata Song
  • How did Carlos Cinta develop his unique style
  • How to avoid looking like a Robot
  • What does Carlos teach in his musicality workshops
  • How can you learn to be creative with the music
  • Potential to express yourself and feel the music
  • Who should use the Bachata Timing Course or CD
  • The grand design and content included in the Bachata Breakdown
  • How to dance "on time" to bachata music
  • Why Carlos Cinta chose Joan Soriano's bachata music and not Aventura.
  • What are the benefits of using this course or CD

The Bachata Breakdown Timing course includes:

21 MP3 Audio tracks where Carlos personally guides you through

  • A total of over 53 minutes of audio content!
  • A full solo sample of each unique bachata instrument!
  • Learn what counts and beats the instruments are playing on
  • Full exercise tracks with voice over count to help you atay on time to the different timing in the music.
  • You'll quickly find out that there are so many different ways to dance to the same bachata song just by focusing on a different instrument.
  • You get the complete breakdown of a popular bachata song so you can hear how it works with all the instruments playing.
  • You get to dance to the actual music from Soriano's bachata music album and NOT some computer generated tracks.

This DVD includes sections in English and Spanish. Subtitles included for clarity.
Carlos Cinta and Joan Soriano along with the master musicians that record with Aventura and Monchy y Alexandra present a live breakdown of the essential elements of a bachata song instrument by instrument.

Bachata Breakdown En Vivo demonstrates the basic rhythms of Derecho, Majao, and Mambo with step by step instruction of the bongo, guira, bass, rhythm guitar, and lead guitar (requinto) patterns. Produced by Carlos Cinta and Benjamin de Menil with music by Joan Soriano "El Duque de la Bachata". Click here to find out how to buy this DVD

Carlos Cinta "El Unico Bachatero"! Carlos has taught at many international festivals and events around the world. His first YouTube video attracted over 7 million hits! Because of his carefree, lighthearted and fun attitude towards dancing, people are ultimately drawn to his Bachata style and his teaching methods. Known for his unique Teaching ability and "Bachata Musicality" Music Course. Sharing his passion of Dominican Style Bachata to sold-out workshops at festivals all over the world.

Inspired by an extremely talented Bachatera, Carlos began to learn Bachata in order to dance with her. Through his observations while social dancing, he noticed that the level and skill of Bachata on the dance floor were limited to the basic step. Owing much to his boredom and creative collaboration with a friend, Carlos decided to make up all kinds of crazy moves and patterns.

With a teaching experience of eight years, Carlos started in the humble surroundings of his grandparents’ basement helping out a couple friends (who loved the moves he was creating) to teaching his turn patterns with a friend in a little family style Mexican restaurant.

Since then Carlos has video recorded his best teaching tips and dance lessons into the Bachata Thrillogy instructional DVD and CD series for teaching people how to dance bachata. The Bachata Thrillogy series has 6 DVD that cover the sensual bachata style typically scene in dance clubs and the more traditional Caribbean/Dominican style footwork.

In 2010 Carlos Cinta collaborated with Joan Soriano, the world-renowned bachata artist and guitarist from the Dominican Republic, to create the first-ever bachata musicality and timing CD. The bachata CD takes you behind or into the music so you can understand the music and dance with more feeling and connection to the music.

carlos cinta bachata
carlos cinta bachata dance instructor

Joan Soriano "El Duque De La Bachata" is a phenomenal guitarist and singer of bachata songs.

Soriano lives in Villa Mella, an impoverished town in the Dominican Republic, where he develops his music and basks in his heritage. Soriano specializes in the unique genre of “Dominican bachata,” which reflects an important part of Dominican culture.

Bachata songs often tell tales of romance, sadness, and heartbreak, aiming to evoke strong emotions in their listeners using all central musical components – lyrics, melody and rhythm. Even those who don’t know Spanish can connect to Soriano’s special brand of World Music.

Soriano is also a practitioner of Afro-Dominican traditional “‘palo” and “gaga” styles which he incorporates into bachata, creating a musical blend influenced not only by Latin cultures, but also from Africa, Europe, Latin America and Caribbean cultures.

Soriano developed an interest in playing music as a young boy in his hometown, where he made his first guitar out of a metal box and fishing line. He began by starting a band with his siblings, and eventually started performing with some of the Dominican Republic’s greatest classic merengue and bachata musicians.

Today, he is globally recognized for his talent.Bachata songs often tell tales of romance, sadness, and heartbreak, aiming to evoke strong emotions in their listeners using all central musical components – lyrics, melody and rhythm. Even those who don’t know Spanish can connect to Soriano’s special brand of World Music.

Soriano's music appears on the iASO Records label and has performed many concerts to thrilled audiences at bachata festivals around the world.

joan soriano bachata
joan soriano bachata

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